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Ha Long Bay is a phenomenal attraction of Vietnam with world-class landscapes granted as the World Heritage Site by UNESCO. This is an absolute must of traveling in Viet Nam and attracts millions of visitors a year.

Cruising along the bay

Come to spend the whole day of cruising along the bay, spending a night on the peaceful water then waking up to the delightful sunrise surrounded by the islands and islet will be a highlight of your Vietnam journey.

Imagine being on a cruise flowing slowly on the emerald green water of the bay, seeing thousands of rugged islands while stay longer at some caves to explore and wander around its million-year aged formations.

A stop at Ti Top Island will offer a great opportunity for you to capture a remarkable look of Ha Long Bay in one single shot.

Deep water solo

Vietnam has now become a popular place of not only classic travel but also adventurous experiences and Ha Long Bay offers a great chance of adventures. There is a very popular activities that lies in bucket list of tourist when come to Ha Long Bay name DWS known as deep water soloing. This is a courageous rock climbing activity without any ropes. Climbers will get to the point that they could not climb any higher and launching back from the rock to crash themselves down to the ocean. Tourists have many choices of climbing routes to enjoy varies from newbie-level to pro-level to be entertained.

Cat Ba Island

Cat Ba Island located to the south of Halong Bay which is the home of variety kinds of wild animals and rich resources of nature. If you are lucky, you can have the chance to spot some of the emblematic animal: the Cat Ba Langur, civets, deer & squirrels somewhere on the remote cliffs or deep in the jungle on your trekking routes throughout the island. More than that, people who loves hiking will find their own way of conquering the island’s highest peak or reach a remote village before heading back to the town on a ferry ride.

You can either choose to biking, riding motorbike around or joining rock climbing activities offered by local tour provider to blend yourself into nature life of Cat Ba.

Recommended time of Traveling

You’re suggested to join Ha Long in its finest period from April to May which offers bright sunshine with warm weather or September to November which favored for their cool temperature with crystal clear skies. Depends on how you want to spend your holiday that you can choose the most appropriate period of time.


Transportations from/to Ha Long Bay or Cat Ba Island are quite popular since many of regular buses depart/arrive for Ha Long and Hanoi every day. While in Ha Long, consider traveling by motorbike or taxi to reach attractions in the convenient way.

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