Adventure tours are the thing to do in Quang Binh, attracting thrill-seekers and enthusiasts from all over the world. These tours usually combine jungle trekking, cave exploration, and often swimming in underground rivers, to make for unforgettable memories which will surely last you a lifetime. Adventure tours vary from 1 – 5 days, depending on which tour operator and tour you choose. So whether you’re looking for light adventure or one of the most incredible adventures on earth to the world’s largest cave, you’ll find it here in Quang Binh!

  • Son Doong Expedition Tours 5D4N

    The Son Doong Cave Expedition will take you deep into the heart of Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park in Quang Binh Province, Vietnam, on one of the most thrilling adventure tours in the world!

  • Hang En Adventure Tours 2D1N

    Hang En Cave is probably the world’s 3rd largest cave and is quickly becoming one of the must-see natural wonders in Vietnam. You’ll examine fascinating fossils in one part of the cave over 300 million years old, and around every corner be subjected to the most picturesque views.

  • Tu Lan Expedition 4D3N

    This skills-based caving adventure provides a highly informative insight into this unique caving region. there is plenty to keep your heart racing with some dark cave abseiling, bouldering, climbing and a lot of swimming through the caves. Secluded jungle campsites are spectacular and mostly different from those visited on shorter treks in the same region.

  • Hang Tien Endeavor 2D1N

    As the largest cave in Tu Lan Cave System, Hang Tien is famed for its enormous size and spectacular formations. The guide will bring you into depths of Vietnamese jungle where the lost world of ancient rock configurations can be found dripping from the ceilings. This is truly a unique chance to enjoy the real wilderness of this country.

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“The scenery in here is so spectacular and stunning. I just hope people see it and explore it and fall in love with it the same way I did!”

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