If you’re interested in seeing parts of Vietnam that are off the main road, and experience adventure, Vietnamese culture, and historic tales told by an epic tour guide, then check out adventure cycling with Pvt. Shi.

Adventure cycling includes crossing peanut fields by bicycle, visiting the house of Ho Khanh who found the world’s largest cave, and cycling the historical Ho Chi Minh trail. You’ll have the chance to learn how rice is grown, and if it’s harvesting time, you may even have the chance to help out local farmers in farming rice. Or you might want to choose a tour which visits a local rice wine shop where you can learn how to make rice wine! Most tours in Phong Nha route through Bong Lai, a countryside valley famous for its farm-to-table experiences and incredible fresh food.

Pvt. Shi arranges shorter tours in and around Phong Nha, as well as longer tours such as cycling Phong Nha to Hue via the DMZ. His bikes are well-maintained classic mountain bikes (with helmets provided of course); child bikes are available upon request.

This cycling adventure is wonderful for ones who love to dive into the beauty of Vietnamese culture, eat great food, swim in pristine waters, and see what lies off the beaten path!


– 35 kilometres / 19 miles cycling
– 3.2 kilometres / 2 miles walking/hiking
Original Ho Chi Minh trail, Nuoc Mooc Eco-trail & Spring, Wine caveAll year

We will pick you up at your hotel in Phong Nha and head to the starting point for safety & village roads’ rules.

08h45 AM: Leave the town for Phong Nha National Park. We will stop by Xuan Son Bridge to have a wonderful view of Phong Nha Town over Son River.

You will be passing the local corn and rice fields, and cycling along Son River to explore Na village, which is known for the floating fishing farm. Stop by the village for a few minute to learn local culture, how the rice is grown and how the villagers feed their fish in the river. At the end of the village, carry your bicycle across the corn fields to get to the boat landing. Your shoes expected to be muddy if it is a wet day!

A B-52 boat will transfer your bicycles to the next station from this point. Meanwhile, you will have a short hike through the corn and peanut fields before hopping on your bike again and back on the road.

Pedal to get through a lovely peanut field and reach Ho Chi Minh original trail, which facilitated the movement of soldiers and war supplies from North Vietnam to battlefields in South Vietnam. Our guide will be happy to tell you all about the trails info.

Make sure your hands are tight enough to conquer this tough trail before crossing to another muddy path through the peanut fields along the Chay river to reach HCM HW (West wing).

Lunch will take place en route at Chay Lap homestay.

After lunch, we will cycle deep into the Phong Nha National Park. Stop at Nuoc Mooc Spring, where an eco-trail leads you to a pristine water swimming pool in the jungle and feel free to have a swim here before you leave. The journey goes on crossing Chay River over a wooden bridge to visit Wine Cave – where the Vietnamese soldiers made rice wine during the time hiding bomb from the U.S aircraft. There is a symbol of peace still remained in the cave. A local ferry to cross Chay River will give you a chance to meet up with the best Russian speaking local man in the area.

On the way back, stop at Ho Khanh’s house to learn about the caving passion of the King of the Cave Kingdom. Ho Khanh is the local jungle man who first found Hang Son Doong – the World’s Biggest Cave. He is working as the leader of the porter team of Son Doong Expedition. Don’t miss his wife’s perfect chocolate coffee before heading back to the town at 4:30 pm. The trip is finished after a cold treat of ice-cream.

Happy Cyclists


– 25-40 kilometres / 16-22 miles cycling
– River swimming (optional)
The best rice wine shop; a pepper farm; a chili farm; Pub with a cold beer; Wild Boar farm and other sitesAll year

We will pick you up at your hotel in Phong Nha and head to the starting point for safety & village roads’ rules.

08h45: Start cycling along Son river to Bong Lai village to join in local farming activities in the rice paddies or peanut fields, this will be a valuable lesson for you to learn how Vietnamese style popcorn is made.

Stop by Gia Hung village to visit the best local rice wine shop in the area and learn how to make rice wine – some are available to taste but not to drink since your whole day of cycling is waiting ahead!

You then leave the village and take a local ferry to reach to the other bank of Son River before cycling on unpaved roads path. After some uphill, descend into Bong Lai valley to see the Bong Lai River. Stop at a recently popular attraction of Phong Nha – the Pub with a cold beer. Take your cold beer/soft drink and enjoy the fresh air and marvelous view from the hill.

Lunch with pork cooked in bamboo tree will be served at the Wild Boar Farm, where you will be touring the farm guided by the local couple who owns the farm. You are free to browse around a little bit before heading back to the town via the paths that are off the beaten track with many of fields crossings. Your tour will finish at 4:30 in the afternoon.

The Pub with Cold Beer